Current issues

Temporary Suspension of Live Services:
start: 2024-2-1
end: 2024-3-15

status 2024-3-15

The live visualization tool (BlickV) is back online. It currently is updated on a daily base (instead of 10 minutes). The 10-minutes live stream will be activated soon.

status 2024-3-04

The live monitoring tool (BlickM) is back online.

status 2024-2-29

We are currently facing limitations with the live processing and visualization (BlickV) and the live monitoring tool (BlickM). We are diligently working to restore these services in the coming weeks.

Temporary Suspension of Daily Processing Service:
start: 2023-12-6
end: 2024-2-29

status 2024-2-29

We are pleased to inform you that the gap-filling process for the missing datasets has been completed, and our daily processing operations are functioning normally.

status 2024-2-1

With regret we must inform you of a delay in meeting the deadline for gap filling of the missing datasets. The progress was significantly impacted by unforeseen staff shortages.

status 2024-1-18

The server infrastructure and software migration, needed to solve the issue, has been successfully completed for basic operations. As a result, we have reactivated the operational daily processing. However, the live processing and consequently the live visualization feature (BlickV) are still on hold. We are making every effort to resume these services as soon as possible.
In the meantime, our team is working on the task of gap filling for the missing datasets, with an aim to complete this process by the end of January 2024.

status 2023-12-21

Server hardware issues have caused a temporary halt in data processing since December 6, 2023. This impacts daily operations and live processing. Related services, such as BlickV, may experience disruptions. We are striving to minimize downtime and will reprocess all affected data once the server issues are resolved.